Friday, December 11, 2009

So much for Rogers' commitment to their android customers

Yesterday I received a call from Rogers representative on behalf of Nadir Mohamed (CEO) of Rogers Wireless regarding HTC dream/magic/eve firmware updates. Rogers had done wonderful job bring android handset to canadians but unfortunately they do not support firmware upgrade. I was told that Rogers will not deliver android firmware 1.6, at least to the android htc dream customers. I was told that firmware 1.6 may cause some network issues; therefore, they decided not to rollout the firmware. However, I was told that Rogers will be selling a new android product running 1.6. How does this sound to you? Head scratching?

If wish to follow up on this issue, please visit the following links below

Rogers says they sell you the phone the way it is. If it isn't broken, they won't update or patch it.This show how much commitment Rogers have to their customers.

So before you go out and buy any product from Rogers or enter any contract with them, please be sure to ask them about firmware support.


  1. Rogers should respect it's clients and release the update!

  2. what if you do ask them about upgrades like I did when i bought my dream. they just flat out lied to me and said it would be upgraded regularly as new updates for the android system were made. Im still waiting........

  3. Can't really blame the reps as they were/are apparently not given the proper (if any) information about the upgrades. The blame falls solely upon the company itself (Rogers and/or HTC) for misleading it's customers into buying these great phones with the "latest" but now obsolete technology.

    Be forewarned.... Stay away from current Rogers Android phones if you want up-to-date operating systems and their features!

  4. What's the difference? Bell and anyone else jumping on Android will do the same as they always have. Market with promises, sell under long term contracts, and then abandon you. Always been that way. Whining about it won't change anything as long as the biggest segment is happy doing their texting and overpriced calls. And nearly everyone is locked into contracts and we'll renew them again and again. Well, most of us, this is my first and last contract. But who cares about a tiny market segment when they can do this to the majority.